aluminium blinds

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It is very light in weight and has the style and finish of the highest quality blind, but yet very cost effective. Our aluminium blinds come in a wide range and variety of colours and also textures. So choose any style and design to you liking and we manufacture them with the utmost care and quality.

Aluminium blinds are both stylish and versatile and will give your home or office a modern spacious feel. Ideal for areas with high moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens, as these blinds do not damage easily. Aluminium blinds are easy to clean and are available in a wide variety of colours, are perfect for controlling the light in your room, are easy to use and are also very durable. These  blinds only need to be dusted with the occasional wipe with a damp cloth, making them easy and hassle free.

Aluminium blinds are available in various styles and will add a finishing touch to your office or rooms’ décor.They are naturally classy and will suit both home and office with their professional and contemporary design. Due to the durability of Pandablinds blinds, if looked after they will last forever! These blinds are simple to operate and will provide privacy and light control to the room. Aluminium blinds will give your home a clean look with total control over the sunlight that enters.

Still one of the more popular blinds in the South African market. From a professional silver blind for your office or a pastel blue  blind for your kitchen, Pandablinds have the perfect blinds to suite your home or office décor. Contact Pandablinds and we will assist you in finding the perfect blinds and solution for your home or office. 

We serve the following suburbs of Johannesburg: Sandton, Bryanston, Fourways, Randburg, North Riding, Pretoria, Rivonia, surrounding areas and Africa.

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