Bamboo, Grass, Reeds, Jutes & Weaves

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Bamboo blinds will bring a rustic outdoor feel into your home. These blinds are made from bamboo, grass, reeds, jute or weaves and will suit both a traditional as well as modern home and office. Attractive, functional eco-friendly blind for those who prefer the eco-friendly approach. Available in a variety of shades ensuring that they will match and suit your home or office décor with a restful ambience.

These blinds are very tough and durable and have a very long life span. Not effected by moisture, making them a perfect solution for your bathroom or kitchen. They are easy to maintain and hassle free, and can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. Our bamboo blinds do not fade and can withstand direct sunlight. They are a good solution for a long term blind that will add a warm glow to the room.

Bamboo blinds are very affordable and trendy and will fit into your budget without compromising on the style or décor of your home or office blinds. Adding elegance to the room while being durable and require virtually no maintenance, making these blinds a great option for your room. Bamboo blinds roll upwards which allows you to control the amount of light that enters the room and also offers privacy to your room when required.

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We serve the following suburbs of Johannesburg: Sandton, Bryanston, Fourways, Randburg, North Riding, Pretoria, Rivonia, surrounding areas and Africa.

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