Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds
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We also offer a day and night Roller blind that offers complete privacy or if you want some light to come in and still see outside for a beautiful view. It is a two-piece roller blind that has a block out material in the front and a semi block out sunscreen material behind it. It offers the best of both worlds and has a very modern design and finish to it, That’ll definitely give your room or office a unique and elegant feel to it.

Roller Blinds are simple and stylish, yet easy to use. Pandablinds offer a wide range of textures and fabrics which ensures that your blinds will suit any décor. These blinds are very popular and Pandablinds will help you find the perfect  blind for your home or office.

A traditional favourite,  roller blinds are both compact as well as functional with modern, stylish fabrics that will suit your needs. Pandablinds’ blinds come with a wide variety of light filtering and these blinds enhance privacy as well. These blinds are made from block out fabrics to complete any room and by eliminating the need for curtains, they are economical as well.

Pandablinds supplies a wide variety of versatile blinds with a perfect solution for your every window or interior design. Pandablinds’ blinds are functional and stylish and our range of roller blinds are made of vivid colours, modern and elegant design styles. Highly customisable to suit your needs and we will make your blinds to your exact specifications and requirements. Modern blinds at competitive prices!

Pandablinds’ blinds are both functional as well as decorative whether for private or for the business market. We offer fabric and Block out-, double-, bamboo roller blinds as well as roller blinds that are suitable for the outdoors. We offer single- and double roller blinds which entails having two blinds on one bracket that operate individually. We also supply dual vision rollers that has two layers of fabric that rolls to the desired window height.

We serve the following suburbs of Johannesburg: Sandton, Bryanston, Fourways, Randburg, North Riding, Pretoria, Rivonia, surrounding areas and Africa.

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